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After more than 25 years with the studio arts program of The Smithsonian Associates in Washington, DC, making quilts and presenting classes in technique and design for quiltmakers, I set up my new studio in Colorado with paper and pencils and  time to draw.

My daily practice began in January 2019. Habits are made with repetition. I drew apples mornings, first thing in the studio. I watched a tutorial by Will Kemp. Every time. They took less than 30 minutes. Later, after apples, I took  more time with the dailies, sometimes returning to the same one in the afternoon. Some became weeklies. It's a practice. Thinking this way takes the pressure off. No expectations. Though I did keep Paul's quote on my desk.


Drawings in the video are graphite (color with polychromos) on watercolor paper and are 6x6in.

"With an apple I will astonish Paris."    Paul Cezanne

The following are 6x6 inches. Papers include watercolor, archival craft, and sanded.

Bottlebrush buckeye

Transition, Showy milkweed

Waiting for Eve

A Valentine, 2021

Waiting for the Tinman

Missouri Evening Primrose

Waiting for the Pollinator

Waiting to be Chosen

Little 'lotle supersauce,
Ambystoma mexicanum

From the series Leaves in Boxes, the following are on Legion 100% cotton craft paper. Size is 11x8.5in.






Missouri Evening Primrose


"You have to do it every day; that's the challenge. You can be the best chef in the world, but if you don't have this discipline of craftspeople, then you can't do it no way."   André Soltner

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